Copyright 2010 EcoCrownHospitality If not now...  when? if not now...  when?   ECO Crown Hospitality Launches New On-Line  Eco Certification Program for Restaurants January 8, 2011 For Immediate Release:  The Alberta based Eco Hospitality (formerly Eco Crown Hospitality) has launched Green Napkin, a new  Eco-Certification membership program for restaurants- the first of it’s kind.  Developed in cooperation with the UN, Eco Hospitality programs have been carefully designed by  operators in the hospitality and restaurant industry, with an eye on a cleaner, greener future and  assisting restauranteurs to comply with incoming and ever improving eco-standards.  “We are very excited about this on-line eco-certification program because this is what consumers want  to see in the restaurants they frequent: a taking of responsibility for the impact the business is having  on our world- and Green Napkin membership makes it so simple for any restaurant to go green. It is  simple and we walk the member through the process step by step.” Says La Velle Goodwin, Executive  Director Eco Hospitality.    “There is simply no time to waste. The restaurant industry and hospitality industries can make  significant reductions on the footprint we are all leaving behind. Going green not only benefit the  environment, but also restaurant staff, the customers and the restaurant’s bottom line... the list goes on  and on. It is win, win, win any way you look at it.” says Andrea Spiess, CEO of Eco Hospitality.   “We have an eco-certification program that makes it simple for independent operators, to go green at a  pace that is comfortable for them. We also work with franchises to develop custom programs that work  within their existing structure.” adds Goodwin.  “It gets these businesses moving in the right direction  from the moment they become members and there are ongoing incentives to improve and consistently  adapt to more and more eco-friendly practices, technonogies, products and services.”   The Green Napkin Membership program is simple, practical, and so cost effective, it pays for itself  within a couple of months.  You can find more information about Eco Certification for restaurants at  Contact: Andrea Spiess CEO Eco Hospitality ph: 403.609.2229 -30- Web Savvy Lab