Copyright 2010 EcoCrownHospitality If not now...  when? if not now...  when? Green Napkin Membership has been specifically designed for the restaurant industry by members of the restaurant industry. We understand where you are coming from. That is why when it comes to going green, there isn’t an easier, more cost effective, or more practical green certification program for the restaurant industry anywhere. Restaurants the world over are looking toward going green. It is a positive change... but a big one. For many, the size of that first step alone prevents them from getting started and yet, they know they must... eventually. Consumers are simply demanding it Green Napkin is here to help! Our program is based on our intimate understanding of restaurant operations. There is no need to procrastinate, with Green Napkin, you can convert your restaurant all at once or gradually work through the system at your own pace. Either way, we are here to guide and assist you. From money saving hardware changes to training your staff, we have it all covered. Take a cruise through the site to learn more, and don’t forget to sign up for our free newsletter by clicking the link at the bottom of the page! Web Savvy Lab