If not now...  when? if not now...  when? Copyright 2010 EcoCrownHospitality Green Napkin is the restaurant eco certification program from Eco Hospitality (formerly Eco Crown Hospitality). The Green Napkin certification system was developed by Andrea Spiess, a 35 year veteran of the restaurant and hotel industry- which makes this system unlike any other. Andrea created this system with complete understanding of the restaurant industry.  It is not an adaptation from another industry- Restaurants were the framework for the design. There is no expectation for the impossible- only what makes sense.   Our Founder Affiliates & Links
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Green Napkin was founded by Andrea Spiess. A 20 year veteran in the hospitality industry who also  has a passion for the planet.   As her understanding of environmental issues have grown, she naturally began developing strategies  and methods that would maximize green conversion efforts while respecting and understanding the  demands and limitations of the hotels and restaurant industry. The result   has been Eco Crown Hospitality for hotels, and now (specifically for restaurants) is the Green Napkin program- and it  is truly brilliant! The success we have seen with EcoHospitality will no doubt carry over into the Green Napkin project.  “When restaurant owners and managers begin looking at going green, it can seem to be a monumental task and  many find it overwhelming. The truth is, it does not have to be. That is why I developed this system to work within  existing systems and in such a way that the program can be implemented at a restaurant’s own pace.”  Andrea’s innovative strategies and methods were recognised as a leader in global environmental and   sustainable development in the hospitality industry at the International Hotel Conference in Rome in 2008.  Web Savvy Lab